Going Out

Whether it is clubs, gigs, events or notable exhibitions, if it’s of interest to us and to you, we will feature it here. Don’t forget to check out our events section too.

In pictures: Brighton Mod Weekender 2017 photographs by Chris Wild

by Modculture 6 September, 2017

They were very popular last year, so it’s great to have the work of photographer Chris Wild back on the site, capturing the Brighton Mod Weekender 2017. Continue Reading

Interview: Kieran McAleer talks Sneakers past and present

by Modculture 14 June, 2016

If you didn’t know, the legendary Sneakers club is back in London next month. We talked to Kieran McAleer about the night’s past and of course, its present. Continue Reading

Video: Boomtown – Rig Out for Oi Polloi x Levis Vintage Clothing

by Modculture 23 December, 2013

The title might not grab you, but if you are interested in the Twisted Wheel, you should check out Boomtown – Rig Out for Oi Polloi x Levis Vintage Clothing. Continue Reading

Ray Davies In Conversation at London’s Southbank Centre

by Modculture 27 September, 2013

If you happen to be a fan of The Kinks (and in the area), you might want to check out Ray Davies In Conversation at London’s Southbank Centre. Continue Reading

Modernist New York: A Guide to New York for mods

by Modculture 6 September, 2013

Huge thanks to Derek from the excellent The Electric Mess for his help in putting together this mod’s guide to New York. Read on for what we have and if you can any comments or can add anything to it, please get in touch with us (we suspect this one could run and run). Likewise, if you can help put together a guide your town or city. Continue Reading

Modernist Barcelona: A Guide To Barcelona For Mods

by Modculture 28 August, 2013

Our second single city mod guide focuses no the super-hip city of Barcelona. Huge thanks to Alberto Valle for all his help in putting together this extensive guide – essential for anyone planning a trip there. Continue Reading

Modernist Stockholm: A Guide to Stockholm for mods

by Modculture 14 August, 2013

Been behind getting city guides up, so to make it easy for all concerned (including us), we’re going to condense single city guides into just one page. We’re kicking off with Stockholm, with thanks to Kim Dahlberg for his help in getting this up. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Faces In The Crowd mod documentary

by Modculture 5 August, 2013

Technology has changed a lot of things, but above all, advances in tech and and more affordability means anyone can do things that were once the domain of TV companies and record labels. The Faces In The Crowd mod documentary sums this up perfectly. Continue Reading

The Wheel Northern Soul documentary screening plus DJs at the Roxy in London

by Modculture 25 February, 2013

Was going to stick this in events, but it probably merits a mention in the main section of the site. The Wheel Northern Soul documentary screening, that is. Continue Reading

Brighton Mod Weekender 2012 photos by Greg Wish

by Modculture 30 August, 2012

Big thanks to Greg Wish for sending over photos he took during the Brighton Mod Weekender 2012. Continue Reading